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Products Overview

Mbedthis Software provides open source embedded web server products to web enable enterprise applications and embedded devices. The company's products help developers mitigate security threats, reduce project risk and achieve faster time to market while lowering project costs.

Whether you are wanting to create:

  • Embedded device management
  • A CD of your web site including scripting and searching
  • A web-based user interface to your enterprise application
  • An web-based online/offline application
Mbedthis AppWeb can be a foundation for your great solution.

Open Source and Free

Mbedthis Software uses a dual-license, Open Source development model where a community of developers contribute toward making Mbedthis AppWeb the leading embedded HTTP web server. Products are licensed under both open source and commercial licenses and are provided with full source code. Mbedthis provides infrastructure, developers and it provides support and service with commerical licenses.

Mbedthis AppWeb™ -- Embedded Web Server

Mbedthis AppWeb is the industry's first embedded web server that has been designed from the start with security in mind. It is a fast, small-footprint, standards based embedded web server specifically designed for use by applications and embedded devices. Mbedthis AppWeb is the easiest and most cost-effective path to web-enable applications and devices. Unlike most other embedded web servers, AppWeb is feature rich and highly secure. Compared to other proprietary and costly web servers, AppWeb is simple, convenient and open.

The Mbedthis AppWeb product is more than just a stand-alone HTTP server. It provides a suite of solution samples to help you get going quickly. It also exposes the HTTP client and server as software embeddable components so that you may embed these directly in your applications.

For devices, you can either run the supplied stand-alone web server or you can embed the server component in your device application by linking against the AppWeb library. For enterprise applications, embedding the HTTP server in the application greatly simplifies deployment as there is no separate web application to deploy.

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