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Partners Overview

PartnersMbedthis products are open source and developed with the creativity, drive and passion of a community of developers and companies. These partners are working to make Mbedthis AppWeb the premier embedded web server solution. Partners extend and enhance the AppWeb server in many and varied ways. Two of the primary ways are:

Create Extension Modules

Partners can use the clean AppWeb module interface to integrate their software and products with AppWeb. These modules can be distributed separately and then be easily dynamically loaded into an AppWeb enabled application. Partners can also use the contributors section in the mbedthis.com to distribute their module.

Distribution Bundling

As the Mbedthis AppWeb server is licensed under a GPL license, it is easy for ISVs to include AppWeb in their O/S distributions, hardware development kits, software platforms and books.


Art & Logic Art & Logic is a premier support partner for the Mbedthis AppWeb who have created user interface and management interfaces for companies like: Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Broadcom, Nortel, and Redback.

Art & Logic's services include: Co-engineering and support services for product developers using the Mbedthis AppWeb web server. User interface design and web programming services. Art & Logic also provide a Device Management Framework to simplify many of the steps required in creating sophisticated web-based management applications.

PeerSec PeerSec is a leading innovator in embedded security and device web services. They provide software that manages services inside network devices and servers. PeerSec's management, features security, load balancing, redundancy, provisioning and automated monitoring of software services.

PeerSec is developing a small and efficient embedded SSL implementation specifically designed for embedded markets.

Other Embedded Links of Interest

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