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Mbedthis AppWeb is the leading technology for embedding web servers in applications and devices. It is an open source, feature rich, embedded web server that has been designed from the ground up with security in mind. AppWeb is a HTTP server and it integrated directly into embedded systems and applications for simple and convenient deployment.

AppWeb has a modular architecture that results in a very small memory footprint and minimal CPU requirements. It offers superior security and provides the easiest way to create dynamic, web based user and management interfaces.
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Top Uses for Mbedthis AppWeb

Why We Created a New Web Server?

We created Mbedthis AppWeb because existing web servers are either designed for large scale web sites and are not well suited for embedding or they are embedded web servers but are feature-poor and insufficiently secure. AppWeb fills this void and has been designed from the ground up to be a secure, modular, powerful HTTP server that is ideally suited for embedded systems and for embedding in applications.

AppWeb is open source with commercial licenses available for those who need them. Download it now to try it out.

AppWeb HTTP Web Server Specifications

Mbedthis AppWeb is the only no-compromise web server for embedded systems that has been designed from the ground up with security in mind. It is fast (over 3,500 HTTP requests per second) and compact (from 110 KB). But it also has a wealth of features like SSL, Digest Authentication, Logging, Virtual hosts, PHP, CGI, Apache style configuration and much more.

It supports Embedded Server Pages (ESP) which is a dramatically easier way to create great looking, and highly usable web-based user interfaces for embedded systems. For larger systems, it also supports standard page creation environments and interfaces like PHP and CGI.

AppWeb HTTP Server Features

AppWeb is a standards-based embedded HTTP server that has a wealth of features including:

  • Standards compliant HTTP/1.1 web server core
  • Embeddable in applications and devices (supports XIP)
  • Dynamically loadable modules
  • Embedded Server Pages (ESP) for dynamic content
  • Session state data management
  • Server-side Embedded JavaScript
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • In-process CGI as well as traditional CGI
  • ROMable web pages and configuration files
  • Digest Authentication
  • HTTP Client program and library
  • Extensive logging
  • Fastest performance in its class
  • Cross-platform and portable
  • Modular source code and documentation provided

See the AppWeb feature list for an extended list of capabilities.



What's New ...

New Stable Release 1.2

All the new development has been rolled into a new stable release. Key features include:

Download now

Developers Welcome

Mbedthis PartnersAppWeb has a strong development community who are committed to pushing the technology forward. Mbedthis has committed funding to provide the infrastructure and development resource that are the core of the project.

Join the group developing the Mbedthis AppWeb embedded web server. There is lots of activity  already: several ports to new operating systems and a number of interesting extension modules.

  • Ports to new operating systems
  • Modules for Perl, and Python
  • ISAPI modules
  • Apache module support

Send email to to sign up.


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