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Mbedthis AppWeb Features

The AppWeb product includes the following components:

  • AppWeb HTTP Server library
  • AppWeb HTTP Client library
  • AppWeb HTTP server main program
  • AppWeb loadable modules for server-side JavaScript, Embedded Server Pages, Embedded Gateway Interface, Common Gateway Interface, and PHP
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Documentation
  • Samples
  • Source code

Feature Overview

Dynamic Content

Embedded Server Pages

  • Server-side JavaScripting
  • Integrated session state management
  • Scripted generation of HTML
  • Extensible via new functions
  • Manage client state-data via sessions
  • Post-back paradigm. Same page for form and post logic


  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Basic and Digest Authentication
  • Directory and URL location based authorization
  • Sandbox limits
  • Access and access violation logging


  • Dynamic loading of modules
  • Extensible URL handlers
  • Extensible / replaceable authorization, SSL and script

Ease of Use

  • Apache-style configuration file
  • Debugging and trace logging
  • Packaged installations for Linux and Windows
  • Run as a service / daemon

Other Features

  • HTTP server and client access program
  • Named and IP based virtual hosts
  • Listen on multiple ports
  • Compile web pages and files into C code for execution from ROM


  • HTTP/1.1
  • CGI/1.1
  • Apache configuration file compatibility


  • Multithreaded with high performance thread pool 
  • Request throughput (> 3,500 requests per second)
  • Scales on multi-cpu systems
  • Small memory footprint even under heavy load (from 400K)

Developer Features

  • HTTP server and client libraries 
  • Shared and static libraries supplied
  • C and C++ APIs
  • Operate single-threaded or multithreaded (Compile or run-time selectable)
  • Easy, intuitive programming model
  • Integrate with common event mechanism: Windows Messages, Unix select, dedicated thread
  • Coding minimized as most features can be specified via the configuration file
  • Cookbook of samples (cut and paste to get going)
  • SMP safe
  • Extensive debug trace logging

AppWeb Feature Detail

Server-side JavaScript

JavaScript or ECMAScript (ECMA-262) has typically been implemented in the client. However, it is ideally suited for embedded use on the server. AppWeb supports a subset of ECMAScript that is fast and compact.

Embedded Server Pages (ESP)

Embedded Server Pages are server side JavaScripted HTML pages that allow direct binding between the JavaScript procedures and logic routines in your application.

Alternative methodologies for creating dynamic web pages such as CGI suffer from several deficiencies that make them a poor choice for creating dynamic user interfaces in embedded applications:

  • You cannot view the page layout at design time
  • Very slow to generate
  • Large demand on system resources
  • Additional programs and interfaces need securing
The Embedded Server Pages technology remedies these shortcomings by allowing you to use page layout programs such as Dreamweaver while still retaining the ability to generate dynamic content within the page via server-side JavaScripting.

Embedded Gateway Interface (EGI)

The Embedded Gateway Interface is a modern replacement for the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) when it is used to process form data. Using CGI for form data suffers from many of the same deficiencies it exhibits when it is used to generate page data. In addition, it provides a very low level interface that does not assist the developer when decoding query or posted data.

The Embedded Gateway Interface remedies these shortcomings by allowing an equivalent of in-process CGI. Form URLs may be bound directly to EGI code routines that will be called when the form is posted. AppWeb further assists by decoding query arguments and providing hashed lookup to all environment data variables.

Open Modular Architecture

AppWeb supports dynamically loadable modules so that new content handlers, scripting engines and page generation environments can be easily added. The existing mechanisms: ESP and EGI have been developed as loadable modules so that they are only loaded if required. Scripting engines such as PHP are also being created as loadable modules.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Should you need to support existing code bases that use CGI, AppWeb provides a high performance CGI implementation.

Debugging Support

The AppWeb HTTP server includes a powerful debug logging facility and is fully instrumented to log trace information. This can be invaluable in debugging ESP code logic or new AppWeb handlers that you may have written.


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