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Mbedthis provides personal and commercial licenses as described below. Click here to place an order now.

Mbedthis AppWeb Personal License

The Personal license is for your own use on a single system. It is a single fee that is paid once. Support is via the online forum.

Mbedthis AppWeb Personal License
$ 79

Mbedthis AppWeb Commercial License

The Mbedthis AppWeb Commercial License is for you to embed AppWeb in your product and redistribute it. The License is for a single project and has an annual subscription fee that includes premium support services. There are no additional per-unit royalties. The commercial license fee is tiered according to the size of your project.

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Commercial License Benefits

The Mbedthis AppWeb commercial license provides you with the following benefits:

  • Right to use and embed the software for a single project
  • Ability to redistribute the software
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Security enhancement service
  • Priority support

Please read the Commercial License and Commercial License Benefits for more details.

Right to use and embed the software

You get the right to use AppWeb in a single development project. You can incorporate Mbedthis software for all products shipped for one year. See the Commercial License for definitions of a "project".

Ability to redistribute the software

You get the right to ship and redistribute your product without additional royalties for any number of units, provided you do not exceed the limits specified by your license class.

Software updates and upgrades

You receive all updates and upgrades published for one year. You will be automatically notified as new software is released.

Security enhancement service

If security flaws are discovered, you will be proactively notified and will receive patches or workarounds as soon as they are released.

Priority support

As part of the commercial license fee, you are entitled to priority support. This provides you with technical support services to resolve issues with the Software should you encounter any. See the Technical Support Addendum at the end of the Commercial License agreement for full details.


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