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Mbedthis AppWeb is a 2nd generation embedded web server and the first embedded web server that has been designed from the start with security in mind. AppWeb is a very fast, small-footprint, standards based server, specifically developed for use by embedded devices and to embed in applications.

AppWeb is the most downloaded embedded web server and is available under both an open source license and commercial licenses for those who require them. It has the long-term commitment of Mbedthis and a strong body of developers behind it.

AppWeb offers several key advantages:

  • Lower Development Costs. AppWeb is the easiest and most cost-effective way to web-enable applications and devices. By supporting Embedded Server Pages for embedded devices and PHP for enterprise applications, it will greatly help your developers achieve faster time-to-market, lower project costs and help reduce security risks.
  • Minimal Resource Requirements. AppWeb is exceptionally fast (over 3,500 HTTP requests per second) and compact (from 110 KB). It demands minimal resources from your system so it can spent vital system resources running your applications.
  • Flexible Development Environment. AppWeb is highly modular so you can choose the features you wish. It supports both run-time module loading and extensive compile time controls for those who wish to rebuild from source.
  • Reliability. AppWeb is the most downloaded embedded web server with a large body of users testing and hammering on the code. It also comes with an extensive regression test suite that stresses the product well beyond the limits encountered in normal operation.

Solutions Created via AppWeb

The potential uses for AppWeb are as long as our imagination runs deep. Some of the more frequent uses are:

  • Embedded device management
  • A web site CD including scripting and searching
  • A web-based user interface to your enterprise application
  • An web-based online/offline application

Powerful, Secure Embedded Web Server

AppWeb has the features and flexibility to meet the most demanding embedded web server needs. It can be run as a stand-alone web server or the AppWeb library can be integrated into an existing application. Both server and client HTTP functionality is provided.

AppWeb is a standards-based embedded HTTP server that has a wealth of features, including:

  • Easy Dynamic Page Creation. Supports Embedded JavaScript, Embedded Server Pages, Embedded Gateway Interface, CGI and PHP.
  • Easy to Use. Extensive samples and documentation provided.
  • Security. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) including both client and server certificates. Digest and Basic Authentication. Sandbox directives to limit denial of service attacks.
  • Modular. Select only the features you need via dynamically loadable modules. Also supports granular source code compilation directives.
  • Performance. Fastest performance in its class. Over 3500 requests per second on a PC class device. Memory footprint from 110K. Code and web pages are fully ROMable.
  • Standards Compliance. AppWeb supports HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, CGI/1.1, SSL RFC 2246, HTTP RFC 2617
  • Portable. AppWeb has been ported to Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and Solaris and support the following CPU architectures: ARM7, MIPS32, i386/X86, PowerPC and Sparc

To learn more about Mbedthis AppWeb, read about its long list of Features. To download now, go to our AppWeb Downloads section. For understand your licensing options, see Licensing. To purchase a commercial license, visit our Store.

What is Different about AppWeb?

There are many existing web servers available today to choose from today, so why create a new one?

While there are plenty of options, most existing web servers have been designed for public web sites and these designs adapt poorly to embedding directly into devices or applications. There are also many embedded HTTP servers, however the current implementations have not been designed with security as a foundation. Further, many have compromised on features when compared to the enterprise web servers which makes them difficult to use them  in a standards based way with common scripting languages and tools.

AppWeb is built from the start with security in mind and has a modular, powerful set of features. This makes appWeb the easiest and most secure option when choosing an embedded web server.

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