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Mbedthis Announces New Highly Secure Embedded Web Server

Fast, Efficient and Secure Embedded HTTP Web Server.

Bellevue, Wash. – October 11, 2003 – Mbedthis, a leader in developing embedded web server technology, today announced a new highly secure embedded web server. The company's AppWeb embedded web server is a 2nd generation design that has been designed from the start with security in mind.

"Today's security threats have largely focussed on PCs and servers" said Michael O'Brien, founder and CEO of Mbedthis Software. "However, as embedded devices use Internet protocols and become visible to the public network, the threat to these devices grows unacceptably large. Embedded developers have needed a highly secure web server to protect against this ever increasing threat."

The Mbedthis AppWeb HTTP server is a fast, small-footprint, standards based, embedded web server, specifically developed for embedding in applications and devices. It delivers a highly efficient and secure method of dynamic web page creation using: Embedded Server Pages, embedded JavaScript, SSL, Digest authentication, and in-memory CGI processing. It has a modular architecture and is easy to configure via an standard Apache-style configuration file.

Tom Bajoras from Art & Logic, a leading services company that has web-enabled dozens of communications projects said "The Mbedthis AppWeb server is the easiest and most cost-effective way to web-enabled applications and devices. Other solutions have compromised on security or features, AppWeb manages to balance these requirements and deliver an excellent solution."

About Mbedthis, LLC
Mbedthis Software provides open source web servers and solutions to easily web enable enterprise applications and embedded devices.

The company's AppWeb HTTP web server is a 2nd generation design that is the industry's only no-compromise embedded HTTP web server that has been designed from the ground-up with security in mind. The company's founder, Michael O'Brien is the industry's leading developer of embedded web servers, having millions of applications and devices running web servers of his design.

The company's products help developers reduce security risk and project risk, achieve faster time-to-market and lower project costs. The privately held company's headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington, USA.




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