Mbedthis Software
Michael O'Brien, Founder, CEO

I founded Mbedthis Software to allow me to work toward enabling all applications and devices to be part of the web-world. I have a passion for clean, elegant solutions and software that excels at what it does. To create such software with a team of equally committed individuals is pure fun.
Previously, I founded GoAhead Software to create high availability software for embedded devices. Originally founded in Australia, I chose to relocate GoAhead to Seattle and abandon the sunny beaches of the Australian Gold Coast after visiting Seattle on a beautiful July sunny day. I thought it was just like home, till November.

Prior to that I co-founded a hardware communications company and even earlier cut my teeth porting UNIX to early Intel 286 and 386 processors.

I now have a family with two wonderful boys, a great wife and a sometimes annoying dog. But that is life.

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