AppWeb Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
MaAuth Authorization Class
MaDataStream Output stream for a HTTP request
MaEspProc Create an ESP procedure
MaHandler Base class used by all request handlers
MaHost A single HTTP host listening on one TCP/IP endpoint
MaHttp Top level Http application class
MaLimits Request resource usage limits
MaRequest Manage a HTTP request from a client
MaRom Definition for each file in the ROM file system
MaRomFileSystem Serve web pages and files from ROM
MaServer HTTP server possibly listening on multiple ports
MaSession Session data store to store user's state data
Mpr The Mbedthis Portable Runtime (MPR)
MprArray Generic Array Structure
MprLink Link pointer class for objects in a MprList
MprList List head class
MprLogListener Represent a listener for MPR log messages
MprLogToFile Log MPR messages to a file
MprSelectService Manage system select() call and the set of I/O handles

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