AppWeb C++ Language API

The AppWeb C++ API is comprised of several sub-APIs.

C++ applications can also fully use the C APIs

Mbedthis Portable Runtime C++ API

These Classes comprise the MPR C++ API.
Mpr Top level MPR class
MprArray Generic array type
MprLink Linked list support
MprList List head
MprLogListener Log Listener
MprLogToFile Log errors to files
MprSelectService Manage the Posix select service

AppWeb HTTP Server C++ API

These Classes comprise the AppWeb HTTP Server C++ API.
MaHttp Http Service
MaServer Http Server
MaHost Http Host
MaRequest Http Request
MaDataStream Response Data Stream
MaHandler Http Request Handler
MaRom ROM File System
MaAuth Authorization Credentials
MaSession Session State

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