Installing on Windows

The Mbedthis AppWeb Server install distribution for Windows is published in one formats

  • a ZIPped EXE Windows Install executable called:

The distribution image contains the binary distribution, documentation and samples in the one package. During installation you will have the option of installing the full package or portions of the distribution.

Installing the EXE Image

  1. Login with administrator privileges.

  2. Run winzip and extract the contents of the Zipped EXE install image ( to a folder of your choosing.

  3. Select Run from the Start menu and browse to the location holding the EXE install image (appWeb-VERSION-BUILD-WIN-i386.exe) and select it.

  4. Click OK.

Removing AppWeb

  1. Login with administrator privileges

  2. Run the Add / Remove Programs applet from the control panel.

  3. Select the Mbedthis AppWeb Server and choose remove. 

up Silent Installation

If you need to do batch or unattended installations, you can install AppWeb silently. Use the /silent switch to suppress questions and /verysilent to suppress all visual output.

Running AppWeb

The AppWeb program may be run manually or it may be configured to start automatically as a windows service. AppWeb is configured by default to listen on port 7777. To test that it is serving pages, point your browser at http://localhost:7777. To tailor the Mbedthis AppWeb configuration, including the default port, you may wish to edit the appWeb.conf configuration file.

Running AppWeb as a Windows Application

To run AppWeb manually you will need to first stop it running a a service. To do this, right click on the AppWeb icon in the system tray (usually bottom left of the screen) and select Stop. Alternatively, select Services from the Administrative Programs group in the system Control panel. Scroll down for Mbedthis AppWeb and double click. Then select Stop to stop the AppWeb Service. Once the service is stopped, you can start AppWeb manually.
  1. Display the contents of Programs > Mbedthis AppWeb under the Start menu.

  2. Select Mbedthis AppWeb. The application will be started and its icon will appear in the status area of the Windows taskbar.

Running AppWeb from the Console

  1. Select Run from the Start menu and type:

    c:\appWeb\appWeb -c -l stdout:2

  2. Click OK

  3. A window will appear

  4. To exit the application, close the window

Running AppWeb as a Windows Service

  • Login with administrator privileges.

  • Select Run from the Start menu and browse to the AppWeb installation directory and select appWeb.exe

  • Type in the Open field:

    {Installation Directory}\appWeb.exe -i "-d"

    This will install AppWeb as a service. When AppWeb is started by the Windows Service Control Manager, it will pass the "-d" switch to AppWeb which instructs it to run as a daemon (service).

  • Click OK.

  • To remove appWeb as a service, repeat the procedure above but use the uninstall switch -u.

To tailor the Mbedthis AppWeb configuration, you may wish to edit the appWeb.conf configuration file and then restart AppWeb.


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