Installation Overview

Please read the overview information below, then read:

Linux Installation Instructions
Windows Installation Instructions

Installation Packages

For each operating system, the AppWeb binary installation is available in two file formats:
  • Native operating system package format (RPM on Linux, Zipped Windows Installer Executable)
  • Archive for custom installations on Linux (Tar)
It is recommended that you use the native installation format unless you want exact control over the placement of all the installation components. It will will register the software installation with the system's software manager so that you can query, verify, and easily manage the software on your system.

A source distribution is also available in three formats: GZIP, ZIP and RPM.

Installation Options

The AppWeb binary installation packages contain two sub-packages:
  • Binary distribution
  • Documentation and sample source code

The AppWeb installation procedure allows you to select which sub-packages you wish to install. If you are experienced with AppWeb and only wish to run AppWeb, install just the binary distribution. If you are new to AppWeb, install both the binary distribution and the documentation and samples.

Source Code

The AppWeb source code is provided as a separate download distribution. It is also available via a Subversion based repository for developers who wish to participate in the development of AppWeb.


If upgrading from a previous version, please save your configuration files, custom modules and web data and then remove the previous version of AppWeb. Then install the new release and apply your configuration to the new release.


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