Mbedthis AppWeb Roadmap

The AppWeb roadmap is created by the accumulated input from all AppWeb users. As such, it is subject to change. This roadmap is not a commitment to product, but the current thinking about future directions.

Those who shout loudest -- often get what they ask for. To request a feature, please send email to:

Feature Wish List

This list is not in any particular order.
  • Python module
  • Perl module
  • Enhanced JavaScript (done)
    • Functions
    • Classes and Objects
    • Arrays
    • Exceptions
  • Administration Console
  • Library of Graphic Applets for use in a Browser
  • Ports: VxWorks, 64 bit port (underway), Solaris (done)
  • SSL support for httpClient
  • File upload (done)
  • JSTL support
  • Compressed ROM pages
  • SNMP manageability

What's in the Next Release

The next release in the stable branch will be the Mbedthis AppWeb 1.2.3 which is unscheduled. Patches to the stable branch are released only as issues require it.

For the development branch, we are working hard on 1.3 which contains a new Embedded Server Pages and Embedded JavaScript. This is a major release.

Please tell us what you would like to see at .

AppWeb Release Schedule

Like all good open source, the release schedule for AppWeb is driven mostly by when the software is ready rather than by commercial needs. But here is an outline of our best guess.

Mbedthis AppWeb 1.0
January 2004 January 2004
Mbedthis AppWeb 1.1 (developement release)
March 2004
April 2004
Mbedthis AppWeb 1.1.1 June 2004 June 2004
Mbedthis AppWeb 1.1.2 July 2004 mid-June 2004
Mbedthis AppWeb 1.2 July 2004 July 2004
Mbedthis AppWeb 1.2.1 July 2004 July 2004
Mbedthis AppWeb 1.2.2
August 2004
August 2004
Mbedthis AppWeb 1.3 (development release)
October 2004

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