Ports and Binding

AppWeb can listen for HTTP requests on multiple IP addresses. Incoming requests may be served by a single server or they may be processed by different logical servers, often called virtual hosts. The process of opening TCP/IP ports to listen for requests is called binding. By default, AppWeb will listen on all the interface network cards in the system, but the AppWeb configuration file allows explicit control over which interfaces, IP addresses and ports to use.

The Listen configuration file directive specifies which IP address and ports to bind to. For example

Listen 80

The Listen directive specifies the IP endpoints on which AppWeb will listen for incoming HTTP requests. If you specify only the port Number and omit the IP address, AppWeb will listen on all network interfaces including the loop-back adapter. Multiple Listen directives may be given and AppWeb will bind to all the specified addresses. The VirtualHost configuration file directive specifies which logical (virtual) host will serve the incoming request.

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