AppWeb HTTP Client

httpClient -- Retrieve documents from HTTP servers by issuing HTTP client requests.


httpClient [options] urls ...


The httpClient utility uses the AppWeb HTTP client to retrieve documents from HTTP servers. It is primarily designed to test the AppWeb server.


Benchmark. Output timing results after retrieving URLs.
Continue on errors. Default is to stop on the first error.
-C compareDirectory
Compare the retrieved files against master copies in compareDir. Warn if any retrieved files are corrupted.
-d postData
String of post data. Assumed to be already URL encoded. ie. name=peter&address=oz
-f fileList
Retrieve the files in the specified file list. The format of the file is:
If using POST, the line after the URL should contain encoded POST data and it should begin with a TAB.
Output HTTP headers. Useful for debugging.
-h host
Prepend all URLs with the specified host. For example if '-h" were used with the URL "/index.html", then httpClient will retrieve
-i iterations
Retrieve the URLs iterations times. Useful for load testing.
-l logSpec
Log debug information to the specified log file.
-M method
Set the HTTP method. Values may be "GET", "PUT", "OPTIONS", "TRACE".
-o timeout
Specifies a timeout to use for each request.
Quiet mode. Suppress error messages.
-r retryNumber Retry failed requests this number of times.
-t threads
Number of threads to use. Each URL will be retrieved by all threads. Useful only for load testing.
-T poolThreads
Specify the number of pool threads to use.
Verbose mode. Trace activity to stdout. Can by specified multiple times for more verbose tracing.
-w writeDir
Write retrieved files to the specified directory.
-V httpVersion
Use the specified HTTP protocol. httpVersion should be either '0' for HTTP/1.0 or 1 for HTTP/1.1.

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